Yolo swag

2013-04-10 07:59:47 by zttvs

I think my boy cat is trying to rape my girl cat, idk, he likes to yolo

Our new podcast

2012-10-23 21:40:24 by zttvs

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/508397?up dated=1

listen to this shit

Heres some oprn if you want it

2012-10-08 20:49:55 by zttvs





Best cartoon EVER! PERIOD! http://bit.ly/R2GaRt

Click that link and FUCKING POO YERSELFS!!

Fuck this gay earth

2012-10-02 16:27:25 by zttvs

and everyone in it

Just because.

I <3 Jerking off to horses

2012-09-28 15:19:43 by zttvs

I jerk off all day and night while animating, making music, art everything